The Mystery of the Wonderworker of Ostrog (Nikchevich - 2003)

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"The Mystery of the Wonderworker of Ostrog tells the story of the transformation of a modern-day Serbian youth, Mladjen, from the depths of despair to a life of faith and spiritual enlightenment. Mladjen is mystically called by St. Basil the Wonderworker of Ostrog (+1671) to the Ostrog monastery in Montenegro, where he is confronted by the presence of God, by monks who see into his soul, and by the weight of his sins. During the course of his visit to the Ostrog monastery, Mladjen himself becomes one of the new miracles of Ostrog.

A summary of the Christian path to salvation, a chronicle of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the people of Montenegro, and a complete Life of St. Basil of Ostrog form integral chapters in the story of Mladjen’s rebirth.

The entire text is overlaid with the evangelical teachings of the Church, the experience of the Holy Fathers, and contemporary stories of many witnesses to the miracles of Ostrog…. The main focus of this book is to paint a true portrait of St. Basil of Ostrog, a faithful likeness of his image, radiating the light of the knowledge of God and the healing power of faith, which soothes both body and soul."

--Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro, from the Preface

With full-page color photographs interspersed throughout the book, the story of Mladjen and of St. Basil’s heavenly intercession is presented through pictures as well as words. The book is adorned by images of ancient Serbian icons, as well as by photographs of contemporary life in Serbian churches and monasteries. This beautiful, large-format book is a richly layered treasury of Orthodox spirituality, which, taken as a whole, has the power to change lives.

296 pages, coated paper, profusely illustrated in full-color
hardcover with dust jacket

9" x 12.5"