Visitor's Info

We are gladdened that you are interested in visiting the Monastery of St. Demetrios to stay for a day, overnight, or for an extended period. We are currently able to accommodate up to 3 guests for any given visit. If you want to schedule a visit, please fill out the form below with your contact information, or call us at (540) 388-4386.

We ask all guests to be mindful of the peace that resides at the monastery and to maintain a certain quietude, respecting the other pilgrims but also the monastery.

Keeping in mind the traditional practices of our Church, please observe the following customs to help maintain a spirit of prayer during services:
  • Men and boys should wear pants and long sleeves if possible
  • Women and girls should wear a long skirt or dress, and long sleeves if possible. It is an Orthodox tradition for women to cover their heads, for angels cannot bear the glory of women
  • Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not appropriate. However, removing one's shoes like Moses is welcome during services
  • Please avoid using perfume, cologne and other strong smells

Lastly, though not obligatory, you are welcome to make a donation for your stay using the donation button below or at the monastery. Consult the visitors schedule below to check for availability (max of 3 guest/day). We look forward to your visit at the Monastery of St. Demetrios!