The faith and way of living that unites Orthodox Christians is the unchanging faith of the ancient and undivided Christian Church, and is accessible to all. This accessibility is reflected through the common use of a language of the people to understand its worship.

The witness of the Orthodox churches is one of enduring successive waves of centuries of persecutions and struggle down to the present, under the communist regimes in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Orthodox worship and doctrine were largely formed to the East of the Latin world, by Greeks, Georgians, Arabs, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Russians, and so are unfamiliar to those accustomed with the culture and society of the Latin West.

For those seeking to partake of the Orthodox Way more fully, there is a special need for spiritual guidance and formation. Orthodox monasteries are the traditional center of such formation, a legacy into which the Monastery of St. Demetrios intends to live.