The Good Parts: Hand-Picked Verbal Icons for Orthodox and Others

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Dear Reader;

"The Good Parts" is originally a reference to famous guidance provided by computer scientist Douglas Crockford, regarding the programming language JavaScript, where there are some good parts and some bad parts.

This collection is meant to be a "The Good Parts" for my works at, answering the question, "Out of all the works you have written, which ones would you most recommend to an Orthodox reader now?" About one in four works made the cut, and this collection represents the original content of

As a collection not organized above alphabetical order, this is something you can skip through, reading certain works and not others, and read them in any particular order you want. Please consider it to be not a single work, but a 1000 page library between two covers. And not something you have to work through.

If you'd like an initial suggestion for what to read, I would pick out "The Angelic Letters" (p. 24) ""Religion and Science" Is Not Just Intelligent Design vs. Evolution" (700), "A Canticle to Holy, Blessed Solipsism" (99), "Plato: The Allegory of the... Flickering Screen?" (687), "Doxology" (200) and "The Consolation of Theology" (113).

The change in the listing of my name from "C.J.S. Hayward" to "C.S. Hayward" is in the wake of Facebook community, I have been told, where my name trilettered to "CSH", for "C.S. Hayward."

I pray that this collection may somehow be of benefit to you.

Dive in!

Much Love,

"C.S. Hayward"

Eastern Orthodox author Brother Christos S. Hayward is a novice from St. Demetrios Monastery, Spotsylvania, Virginia.