Slavic Towel Rushnyk – Beautifully Embroidered Swaths of Cloth

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NOTE: The Red and White 32 x 200 cm pieces of embroidered cloths will vary from what is shown in the picture.

A rushnyk is a ritual towel, and each of these are hand embroidered onto cotton fabric in Ukraine. The word comes from ruka, meaning hand, and a regular rushnyk would be simply a towel, a piece of cloth that a person could use to wipe his or her hands. Rushnyk has acquired and is currently used in a double meaning: it retains its simple meaning of “towel” and it has also acquired the meaning of ritual object. The ritual rushnyk is a very important item to which a great deal of meaning is ascribed. It is used at every point of a Christians life with their baptism, Easter Pascha baskets, everyday life, wedding, and funeral.

Practically, rushnyki are used for giving honor/additional beauty for icons (as seen in the below picture)

A rushnik is also traditionally used to cover a faithful Orthodox Christians Easter (Pascha) basket:

For Interior Decoration on windows, tables, etc: