Saint Nektarios Volume 5: Christian Ethics

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The first edition of Christian Ethics was published in 1897 as a textbook Saint Nektarios used in the course of Christian Ethics he taught at the Rizarios Ecclesiastical School. Upon retiring from his post as Director of the Rizarios School, he devoted his time to editing and supplementing the book to make it accessible for a much wider audience. Saint Nektarios recognised with great clarity the indissoluble connection between one’s faith and love for God and his behaviour towards God and to his neighbor and how both would affect his immortal soul and ultimate destiny. It is for this reason that he took great efforts to pass on this understanding not only to future leaders of the Church, but also to the common man. With this translation, we humbly seek to continue his effort by making his work available to the greater English-speaking world. 

 Having laid down the basic foundations of Christian Ethics in the Part One, in Part Two, Saint Nektarios goes into more specific topics such as the different virtues, ethical evil and the distinction between sin and guilt, the different vices, and the different duties to which mankind is bound and finds meaning and purpose.

This book is Part 1 and 2 published in one book.