Saint Innocent of Alaska and the Orthodox Legacy of Russian America (Mother Nektaria - 2021)

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A fascinating collection of interviews and articles on one of the greatest Orthodox Christian missionaries – St. Innocent (Veniaminov), Apostle to Alaska and the Aleutian Isles. Delve into the deep Russian-American heritage of Orthodox Alaska: St. Innocent's years in the Russian capital of New Archangelsk; the historical sites where he lived and worked; his startling encounter with an Alaskan native elder who was taught by angels; and his little-known visit to Fort Ross and the California Spanish missions. Also included are moving remembrances of the venerable hierarch by nineteenth-century visitors who shared neither his nationality nor his faith; contemporary reflections of Native Alaskan Orthodox Christians; and present-day efforts to save the Alaskan native literary tradition that St. Innocent worked so tirelessly to promote.

150 pages, softcover, black and white photos.