Royal Saints Coloring Book

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The Royal Saints coloring book features saints ranging from Queen Esther to St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, and King David to St. Alexander Nevsky.

This 8.5 X 11 in. coloring book is a collection of 16 saints who were royalty and features original folk-art style drawings of the saints in their royal garb. The page following the saint contains a short biography and an illuminated border reflecting aspect of their life. Perforated pages and a full color cover make this coloring book even more special.

This coloring book provides our children with accessible alternatives to the “modern” princes and princesses that they read about or see in movies. The people depicted in this coloring book not only have the “magic” of being princesses, princes, kings, and queens, but they were also real people who are remembered as saints because of their love of and service to God. The drawings are intricate enough to be enjoyable even for adults to color, but entrancing for little ones as well.

68 pages