Love at Lent: 50 Lenten Activity Cards that Encourage Forgiveness, Gratitude, Generosity, Prayer, and Love

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54 illustrated cards in a hinged-lid box. Love at Lent is a project for the whole family, with daily tasks that reinforce the Lenten values of kindness, forgiveness, prayer, generosity, gratitude, and love. Choose one card each day of Great Lent and Holy Week to discover a new task to complete! Tasks such as "Connect with Your Elders" or "Celebrate a Saint" encourage behavior toward the greater good, contribution to community, mindfulness, prayer, and spiritual devotion for families. The Love at Lent cards also work well in other settings, such as Sunday school classes, church ministry groups, and homeschool cooperatives. This beautifully illustrated set includes an introduction, fifty activity cards, and three prayer cards.

Age Range: 2 – 12 years

Author: Michelle Bonanno Triant

Illustrator: Maria Constantinescu

Format: 54 illustrated cards in a hinged-lid box

Dimensions: 3 x 4.25 inch cards