Go Forth! Stories of Mission and Resurrection in Albania (Veronis - 2009)

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by Fr. Luke A. Veronis

Of all the stories of the resurrection of the Orthodox Church in formerly communist lands, Albania’s may be the most dramatic. Having been almost exterminated by the atheist government, the Church of Albania has arisen, under the leadership of Archbishop Anastasios, to become a vibrant and growing member of the world Orthodox community.

Fr. Luke Veronis and his family served as missionaries to Albania during some of the most crucial years of this resurrection. In these, Fr. Luke shares stories of those years—stories of desperate poverty and of heroism, of setbacks and triumphs, of heartbreak and miracles—and calls us all to answer the Lord’s Great Commission: Go Forth!

Includes an 8-page photo section, in addition to photos interspersed throughout the text.

248 pages; 6 X 9 inches