Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses (New Edition 2023)

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The stories of Fr Arseny and his works in the Soviet prison camps have captured the minds and hearts of readers all over the world. In this second volume readers will find additional narratives about Fr Arseny translated from the Russian edition. These short stories about the life and impact of Fr Arseny during the cruel oppression of the Soviet years are vivid, stirring, and ultimately inspiring.

"For those of us who regretted coming to the end of Father Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father this new collection is truly an unexpected joy. These memoirs by his spiritual children place us around the dining room table with that holy man, listening to stories and wisdom that enlighten our own difficult times." ~ Frederica Mathewes-Green

 "An utterly overwhelming book: it is hard to read it without tears coming to one's eyes, and yet there is not a trace of sentimentality. Here are the stories of more Father Arseny's spiritual children, which might place alongside those told by Solzhenitsyn and others of the cruel inhumanity of life in Soviet Russia. These stories tell of love and prayer, of carrying one another's burdens in the most direct and natural ways, and of a ceaseless prayer to God and the saints making such love possible. We read of miracles, uncanny gifts of clairvoyance; but the greatest miracles are found in the transformation of human lives through Father Arseny's extraordinary spiritual insight, and profound spiritual honesty that informs all these stories." ~ Rev Dr Andrew Louth

246 pages

6" x 9"