Confession - Fr. Anthony Borisov (2019)

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This book begins by talking about what our conscience is and the importance of paying attention to it and then moves on to talk about sin, the work of Christ, the history and role of Confession. It also explains the practicalities of Confession, the role of the priest, and what makes for a good Confession.

Confession is one of the seven Holy Mysteries of the Orthodox Church. Sometimes, however, parents are unsure how to explain it to their children and prepare them for their first Confession. This book seeks to help. It begins by talking about the conscience and its role in helping us know right from wrong. From there, it goes on to explain Confession -- where it came from, why we need it, what it does, and how to make a good confession. Each page is supplemented by bright illustrations to help make the book more engaging and understandable for kids.

34 pages, 8 x 0.09 x 8 inches