Vested in Christ: Danias and Danias - 2019

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Dimensions:  9.5" X 7" X 0.5", 164 pages.
In this book you will learn the answers to some of these questions:

Why was Christ Baptized?
Why does the Church read prayers on the first and eighth day after the birth of a child?
What is the role of the Godparent?
What are the essential elements for the celebration of the Mystery of Holy Baptism?
What are the prayers of exorcism and what is the renunciation of Satan?
What is the significance of the triple immersion for the person being baptized?
What are washing and tonsure?
Why are infants baptized?
Why are baptismal clothes white?
What was the baptism of St. John the Forerunner?
Why does the Priest seal the newly baptized person with Holy Myrrh?

From the Prologue:

Baptism in Christ is a natural consequence of faith in Christ. Through Holy Baptism, those who have believed in Christ and accepted Him as their Savior are given the possibility to become children of God. As St. John Chrysostom writes, “the magnitude of God’s gifts [bestowed by Holy Baptism] defies human description.” (Catechetical Instruction 4)

Nevertheless, our Lord’s commandment to His Disciples, following the Resurrection, Go [therefore] and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, (Mt. 28:19) urged us to write Vested in Christ. We offer it as a small contribution towards a better understanding of the gifts of baptismal Grace. The English translation of this book by Fr. Michael Monos and Newrome Press, is a continuation of this effort.

It is our prayer that, with the assistance of this book, people everywhere will come to know and love our Lord, and receive Holy Baptism. And may all of us, who have already received Holy Baptism, preserve our baptismal garment undefiled so that together we may enter into the splendor of His holy ones. (Ps. 109:3)