Prayers by the Lake

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Author: Saint Nicholai Velimirovich

This book, written in 1921-1922 by Saint Nocholai of Ohrid and Zhicha (1880-1956) who has been called the “New Chrysostom” for his theological depth and golden tongued eloquence, is a true treasure of Orthodox Christianity. Along with his many other attributes, this Serbian hierarch is regarded, with good reason, as an Enlightener of the Americans. His ardent desire was for the whole world to recognize the Orthodox salvific truth of the resurrected God-man Christ, Who is revealed and glorified in His Saints.
Bishop Nicholai was entirely a man of prayer, of service, and a fervent celebrant of the Divine Liturgy. He wrote numerous prayers and church services, including the renowned Prayers by the Lake, a book that is upon you.
In these prayers- vibrant in their lyrical mood and characterized by a Christian view of the cosmos- the ascetic of Ohrid, inflamed by divine eros, expresses reverently and poetically his longing for Christ.

Number of pages: 168, softbound