Prayer as Infinite Creation (Zacharou - 2023)

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Dimensions:  21.5 × 15.7 × 2.3 cm, 312 pages

The more one rubs against the divine energy, the more the veil of the heart is removed. When this energy accumulates, the veil is completely lifted, the deep heart opens and the mind of man finds the place wherein its awesome presentation is performed. The visible world retreats, and the higher spiritual world becomes a tangible reality. The mind ceases to reason and becomes still in extreme attention. The heart is filled with a life-giving reverential fear. The breath contracts and God becomes ‘all in all’.

All that unfolds in the world testifies to its falsehood; it shows the absence of God, but also the hell in this absence. Each person must judge and choose. If a man has a little spiritual wisdom, he will turn to God in a frenzy, without knowing rest. And perhaps through this up-rush of desire for the Lord, he will even overtake those who for years have sluggishly trodden the path that leads to Him. Only this madness of love for God can overcome the world that has already gone astray and heal man from paralysis and the pestilence of despondency.