Healing of the Healers: Clergyman as Penitent (Hieromonk Gregarios)

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In the Church, Christ’s clinic, his co-celebrant practices the science of healing, for he is the one who “will refashion the creature, who will restore the image and create citizens for the world above, and greatest of all, be God and make others God.”

Saint Maximos the Confessor compares the Priesthood to a ray of light from the sun which transmits its brightness to healthy eyes: “Just as a beam of light gently attracts healthy vision, which by nature rejoices in the light, and transmits its own brightness, so also true priesthood, being, through all that it is, an outward imprint of the blessed divinity for those upon the earth, draws to itself every God-loving and divinely disposed soul and transmits its own knowledge, peace and love, so that once it has brought each potentiality of the soul to the limit of its own actuality, it may place beside God those who have been deified in all things and initiated by it in the mysteries. For the end... of true priesthood is both to be deified and to deify.”

Hand-sewn softcover, 80 pages, 23 cm X 17cm X 0.8cm