Finding Genuine Catholicism in the Orthodox East

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“I hope, as does anyone who undertakes such a project [as this], not to be misunderstood or have my intentions mischaracterized. It is not my intention to disparage unfairly the Roman Catholic Church in which both [my wife] Jane and I were raised, or even the Protestants with whom I got involved during college and early adulthood. Certain understandings or teachings will be scrutinized and even criticized. These are observations based on more honest and accurate historical information than that to which I had previously been exposed. It is, I believe, a much better informed position, now that we have had an opportunity to study more closely the roots of our holy Catholic faith and the testimony of its ancient fathers. So, while some might say we have left Catholicism, or at least have become schismatic, I can show this is not the case. I think you will see, by the end of this apologia, that far from wanting to attack Catholicism or abandon her, we wanted only to experience her true worship and cling to her undefiled teachings. I ask your patience and consideration of what is presented.” -- Finding Genuine Catholicisim in the Orthodox East

Author: Kevin Kirwan
Format: Softcover
Pages: 47

Price: $4.00