Christ, Our Way and Our Life (Paperback)

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The recently canonized, Saint Sophrony of England is one of the greatest theological events of our generation. His word brings the Light of eternity to our own age and to our particular problems with powerful immediacy. Archimandrite Zacharias acted as one of St. Sophrony’s closest disciples until the saint’s repose in 1993 and now serves as one of the most articulate voices in the act of revealing the infinite treasure that was St. Sophrony, himself an inheritor of the riches of St. Silouan, of whom he was himself a disciple.

In Christ, Our Way and Our Life, Arch. Zacharias presents a systematic overview of St. Sophrony’s inspired theology. He explores those themes that define his writing: The hypostatic principle in the Holy Trinity and in human nature, the self-emptying of the Lord, the stages of spiritual life and the withdrawal of grace, monasticism and spiritual fatherhood, and prayer—pure prayer, prayer for the world, and the prayer of the Divine Liturgy. This volume is the definitive guide for both the scholar as well as for all who wishes to be encouraged by Saint Sophrony’ striking vision of God and man.