Walking with Moses: Forty Lesson from the Life of the Lawgiver

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Every journey requires a guide. What better guide on our own spiritual journey can we find than Moses? Walking with Moses provides a unique vantage of the great Old Testament prophet, leader, and visionary as he struggles to lead the Hebrew nation from slavery in Egypt to the land God had promised to them. Divided into forty days, Walking with Moses is perfect for study groups or personal devotion. After exploring individual events and their meaning, each day provides applicable, easy to understand “lessons from the life of the Lawgiver.” Father Lawrence achieves a brilliant combination of scriptural commentary and practical, real-world advice for the Christian pilgrim.

Archpriest Lawrence Farley is the pastor of St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church in Langley, B.C., Canada, He has served St. Herman’s for over three decades. A former Anglican priest, he converted to Orthodoxy in 1985 and studied for two years at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary in Pennsylvania. St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press is honored to publish its first title with their esteemed alumnus. Fr. Lawrence is also the author of several dozen other books including In the Beginning, Feminism and Tradition, and Following Egeria (Sebastian Press, SVS Press, and Ancient Faith Publishing, respectively).