Twisted Unto Destruction: How "Bible Alone" Theology Made the World a Worse Place (2022)

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Paperback edition:  in Twisted Unto Destruction, Donald J. Johnson (Convinced, Unprotected) shows how private Bible interpretation has enabled some of the modern world’s worst crimes and vices. When an Evangelical Protestant who took sola scriptura for granted, Johnson came to realize that as a Protestant, ones opinions on the Bible’s meaning were as valid as anyone else’s―not only leads to endless splintering, but makes it possible to use Scripture to justify anything. Like puppeteers, Christians could make the words of the Bible dance on command, inventing “biblical” endorsements of violence, greed, racism, abortion, sexual depravity, and more. Without the Church to hold the line, and long removed from a practical consensus, Protestantism has been unable to resist the tide of modern errors. In fact, as Johnson shows, in many cases, it has endorsed and expanded those errors. Read Twisted Unto Destruction to learn how we can fight this abuse of the Bible and reverse the damage it has caused.