Thirst for Life Eternal: Sayings on the Sundays of the Pentecostarion (Zacharou, 2022)

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The man who conceives the Holy Spirit in his heart becomes double. Just as the woman with child knows that she carries a new life and feels the movements of the infant in her womb, so also he who bears the Holy Comforter, feels in the depths of his soul the leapings of Him Who ‘bloweth where He listeth’. The continual changes in his heart testify that he bears the Treasure of goodness, that he bears an abundance of life in his earthly vessel. As the mother subjects herself to any hardship in order to preserve the life of her child, so also the man in whose heart blows the breeze of the Spirit, does everything so as not to grieve the good Comforter with the slightest negative thought.

21.5 × 15.7 × 2.6 cm, 332 pages