The Meaning of Icons (Ouspensky & Lossky 1999)

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Includes 160 pages of text with drawings, 13 black and white and 51 full color plates. It is linen-cloth and paper bound.

The nature of the icon cannot be grasped by means of pure art criticism, nor by the adoption of a sentimental point of view. Its forms are based on the wisdom contained in the theological and liturgical writings of the Eastern Orthodox Church and are intimately bound up with the experience of contemplative life.

This introduction into the meaning and the language of the icons imparts to us in an admirable way the spiritual conceptions of the Eastern Orthodox Church which are often so foreign to us, but without the knowledge of which we cannot possibly understand the world of the icon.

This work includes a very interesting section on the technique of icon painting followed by the main part of the book, in which both authors describe the most important types of icons. Apart from a detailed description of the icon screen (iconostas) of the Russian Church, 58 types are explained with the aid of an equal number of illustrations, amongst which there are alone 10 various representatives of the virgin. Special mention is due to 51 icons reproduced in their complete colorful splendor.

222 pages

9" x 12" hardcover