The Feasts of the Lord (Orthodox Church Feasts of Christ)

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Paperback – January 1, 2003

An Introduction to the Twelve Feasts and Orthodox Christology. This book presents the basic theological events commemorated in the Feasts of the Lord Jesus Christ and looks at the key points in each. Everything experienced and done by the Lord reminds us of His condescension and self-emptying in procuring our salvation. Although these events are commemorated and experienced at every Divine Liturgy, the Church determined that they should also be celebrated separately, thus sanctifying the year and giving us the possibility of enjoying and experiencing the stages of the divine Economy in our personal lives. Based on extracts from Holy Scripture and the writings of the holy Fathers on each of the Feasts, this book considers each in turn. It is indispensable for all Church-goers who want to read about the Feast they are celebrating, and also for Clergy who want to research material for sermons.