Teaosis Genmaicha Tea

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Velvety Notes: Popcorn, Grassy, Rice Cake Finish: Sweet and Smooth, with hints of Alfalfa. 

"Our Genmaicha, called "brown rice tea," is one of our flagship offerings. Traditionally, a Genmaicha is a common tea usually drunk as an "everyday tea." It is highly versatile and imminently drinkable. However, the Genmaicha many are used to drinking uses a low grade green tea. We knew that we had to find a way to amp up the wonderful flavors of the Genmaicha, so we mixed it with a hand-picked tea from Sencha Kyoto, Japan. Consider this the "Genmaicha Remastered." Coupled with the wonderfully sweet and buttery notes of the popped rice grains comes a surprisingly complex and interesting flavor profile"

Teaosis is a sustainable tea company run by Father Elijah Drake of All Saints Orthodox Mission in Stockton, CA.

Teaosis sources sustainability grown teas from old growth naturally grown & biodynamic small gardens in Asia. They work to support restorative agricultural practices and promote the long-term health and viability of farmers and the land they steward.