Rituale: Book of Sacraments & Blessings for the Russian Orthodox Western Rite (Sarum Rite Book of Needs)

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Hieromonk Aiden Keller, a monk of St. Demetrios Skete in Spotsylvania VA, has completed a monumental work of scholarship. He has written and compiled rubrics in such a fashion that most Christians could pick up the book and use it. The greatest help is in regards to sacraments, including positions of persons and notes for exceptional circumstances (in some cases subchapters).

The contents of this Western Book of Needs are extensive, see below:
Roman Rite, and a Liturgical Glossary - 1
Ritual Notes - 5
Service Outlines - 6
Conception through Churching - 9-14
Holy Baptism & Conformation - 17-35
Sacrament of Confession 36-49
Traveling - 56-59
Holy Matrimony - 60-73
Holy Unction - 74-88
Funeral Rites, Preparatory Prayers for Death, and Visitation of the Grave - 89-125
Various Prayers and Blessings - 126-133 & 156-185
Blessings Throughout the Liturgical Year - 134- 155

With various appendixes and an index.