Rituale: Book of Sacraments & Blessings for the Russian Orthodox Western Rite (Sarum Rite Book of Needs)

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This volume is a Book of Needs for the various Western rite clergy and communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. It represents the older form of doing Western rite which prevailed prior to the Protestant Reformation, translated into English from Latin manuscripts. Thus the book represents a unique contribution to the Western Rite in our times. Many instructions and services in this book have never appeared in print for Western Rite Orthodox use, and it is the most comprehensive of any Western Rite publication for the occasional sacraments and services. Another unique feature is a series of service outlines which help the reader grasp the essential structure of various Western rite services, as well as the significant role of the deacon in these services. (An important role for the deacon is characteristic of pre-Reformation Western Rite services.) The pictorial glossary, exhaustive notes for conducting various sacraments, tables of permissible degrees of kinship for marriages, and musical notation for many items, as well as the complete index, make this a rare and valuable resource. Hardcover, with sturdy paper and beautiful red and black printing. 200 pages, 8.5 x 11 (large size). A word to the wise: half of this printing has already sold.


The Roman Rite, and a Liturgical Glossary 1

Conduct of Clergy 2

Ritual Notes 5

Service Outlines 6

Pictorial Glossary 8

Prayer for Fruitfulness 9

Blessing of an Unborn Child 10

Blessing of a Woman in Labor 11

Blessing of a New Mother 13

Churching 14

Holy Baptism

Preliminary Remarks 17

Order of the Catechumenate 18

Christening 22

Confirmation 29

Blessing of Holy Oil 31

Chrismation of One Returning 32

Clinical Baptism 34

For a Polluted Font, and More on Baptism 35

Sacrament of Confession 36

Preamble and Preparation 36

Order of Confession 37

Regarding Confession, and the Questions 38

Removal from Excommunication 46

Reconciliation of an Apostate 46

Reconciliation of a Dying Penitent 49

Table Blessings 50

Service for Travelers 56

Prayer at Journey’s End 59

Holy Matrimony

Preliminary Remarks 60

Betrothals 62

Nuptial Mass 65

Blessing of the Bed 69

Visitation of the Sick 70

Holy Unction

Preliminary Remarks 74

Mass for the Sick 74

Rite of Unction 75

Blessing of Sackcloth 89

First Commendation (in the hour of death) 90

To Aid the Dying 93

Schema of Services for the Departed 93

Second Commendation (at death) 94

Reception at Church 103

Third Commendation (daily) 105

Burial of the Dead

Absolutions 111

Graveside 113

Return to Church 122

Visitation of the Grave (panikhida) 123

Blessing of Vestments, Vessels, Candles, Linen 126

Blessing of Books and of Anything 133

Blessings Throughout the Year

Jan. 6, Major Blessing of Waters 134

Feb. 2, Blessing of Lights 142

Feb. 3, St. Blaise Tapers 143

Ash Wednesday, Rite of Ashes 143

Ash Wednesday, Ejection of Penitents 149

First Sunday in Lent, the Commination 150

Easter, Blessing of Foods 151

May 1, Blessing of Boats 152

June 24, Blessing of Herbs 153

July 25, Blessing of Apples 153

Aug. 6, Blessing of Grapes 154

Start of School Year, Blessing of Children 154

Start of School Year, Prayer over a Student 155

Sept. 29, Blessing of Incense 155

Prayers for the Eyes 156

Prayer Against Epilepsy 157

Blessing Against Fevers 158

Blessing of a Field Cross 158

Blessing of a Neck Cross 161

Greater Blessing of an Image 161

Blessing of an Image of St. Mary 162

Lesser Blessing of an Image 165

Blessing of a Belt of St. Mary 165

Blessing of and Prayer for Soldiers 166

Blessing of a City Under Siege 166

Blessing of Any City 167

Exorcism Against a Demon 167

Bidding-Prayer Announcements 170

Blessing of Bread after Mass 171

Blessing of First-Fruits and Fields 172

Blessing of an Orchard, Garden, Vineyard 173

Blessing of Apples 173

Blessing of a Harvest 174

Blessing of a Well 174

Blessing of a House 174

Blessing of a Vehicle 176

Prayers Against Bad Weather 176

Blessings for the Poor and Strangers 179

For Animals 180

For the Hebdomadary, and Order for a Dean 182

Order of Admission to a Brotherhood 185

Appendix A: Exhortations to the Dying 186

Appendix B: Blessing of Oil of the Sick 188

Appendix C: Usual Blessing of Holy Water 188

Appendix D: Preces-tone 189

Index 190

About the Author:

Hieromonk Aiden Keller, a monk of St. Demetrios Skete in Spotsylvania VA, has completed several monumental works of scholarship and continue to offer his services to the Church in his translation and compilation of Orthodox texts primarily from the Western half of the Orthodox world.