On the Holy Images: Collected Works of Saint Nektarios, Volume 9

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by Saint Nektarios

In this volume, Saint Nektarios explores the sacred visual art of the Church, focusing on how they are used, and drawing from testimony from the Holy Scriptures, the Early Christians, Church Fathers, and Archaeological findings. He defends their existence and use in the Church against those who oppose them, carefully rebutting their arguments, and also explaining the difference between sacred images and idols. Finally, Saint Nektarios takes a deeper look into the pattern in which the Lord Jesus Christ is depicted, especially in the images which were miraculously made without hands.

About the Author: Saint Nektarios the Wonderworker (1846–1920) has become one of the most well-known and much beloved Orthodox Christian saints of the contemporary age since his saintly glorification in 1961. Born in Selymbria in the Ottoman Empire, he was educated in Constantinople and in Athens. At the age of thirty, he was tonsured a monk and given the name 'Nektarios' on the island of Chios and then ordained as a deacon three years later.

Paperback: 100 pages