My Saintly Friends - (Elgamal, 2021)

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Encourage your young artist to connect with the saints, stay screen-free, and keep focus during liturgy.

  • 35 illustrations of Orthodox saints (Including Saint Antony the Great, Saint Minas, Saint Mary of Egypt, Saint Seraphim of Sarov... and more!).
  • Single-sided and bordered to help you cut and frame your little artist's work.
  • Each drawing is labeled with the saint's name.

My Saintly Friends makes a great gift for grandchildren, a teaching tool for your growing family, or an activity book for Sunday School classes.

Here are all featured saints:
  1. Christ
  2. Saint Mary
  3. Saint Antony the Great
  4. Saint Arsenius
  5. Saint Athanasius
  6. Saint Basil the Great
  7. Saints Cosmas & Damian
  8. Saint Ephrem the Syrian
  9. Abba Evagrius
  10. Saint George
  11. Saint Isaac the Syrian
  12. Saint John Chrysostom
  13. Saint John the Short
  14. Saint Joseph
  15. Saint Kyrillos
  16. Saint Luke the Apostle
  17. Saint Marina the Monk
  18. Saint Mary the Egyptian
  19. Saint Maurice
  20. Saint Menas
  21. Saint Morwenna
  22. Saint Moses the Strong
  23. Saint Nofer
  24. Saint Pachom
  25. Saint Peter the Seal of the Martyrs
  26. Saint Philopater Mercurius
  27. Saint Pishoy
  28. Saint Poemen
  29. Saint Sarah
  30. Saint Seraphim of Sarov
  31. Saint Sophia & her daughers, Faith, Hope and Love
  32. Saint Stephen the First Martyr
  33. Saint Tekla Haymanout
  34. Saint Theodora
  35. Saint Verena

8.5 x 0.17 x 11 inches, 75 pages