My Saintly Alphabet - (Elgamal, 2022)

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A coloring book to encourage your young artist to connect with the saints, learn the alphabet, and keep focus during liturgy.

  • A-Z illustrations of Orthodox saints - from Saint Antony to Saint Zeno!
  • Single-sided illustrations with capital and lowercase letters to color.
  • Features a page with every letter and every saint to help your little one put it all together. Each drawing is labeled with the saint's name.

My Saintly Alphabet features 26 illustrations of well-known and lesser known Orthodox saints. You'll find illustrations of Saint Antony the Great, Basil the great, Cyril of Alexandria, Saint George , Saint Xenia, Saint Nicholas, Saint Verena...and more!

The drawings are single-sided to help make sure the colors don't bleed.. Each drawing is labeled with the saint's name.

My Saintly Alphabet makes a great gift for grandchildren, a teaching tool for your growing family, or an activity book for Sunday School classes.

Featured Saints:

  • A for Saint Antony.
  • B for Saint Basil.
  • C for Saint Cyril of Alexandria.
  • D for Saint Demiana.
  • E for Saint Emelia.
  • F for Saints Felicity and her friend Perpetua.
  • G for Saint George.
  • H for Saint Herman.
  • I for Saint Ignatius.
  • J for Saint John the Short.
  • K for Saint Kassiani.
  • L for Saint Luke.
  • M for Saint Mary.
  • N for Saint Nicholas.
  • O for Saint Onophrius.
  • P for Saint Pachomius.
  • Q for Saint Quartus.
  • R for Saint for Saints Regula, her brother Felix and Exuperantius.
  • S for Saint Syncletica.
  • T for Saint Theophan.
  • V for Saint Verena.
  • W for Saint Wannas.
  • X for Saint Xenia of Petersburg.
  • Y for Saint Yostos.
  • Z for Saint Zeno.