Jesus: Fallen? The Human Nature of Christ Examined from an Eastern Orthodox Perspective

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Modern scholarship presents us with a Christ who is fallen, that is, sharing through birth our corruptible, fallible and sinful human nature. A few Orthodox theologians have followed on their footsteps. Fr. Emmanuel Hatzidakis, a Greek Orthodox priest, basing himself solidly on holy Scripture and Tradition refutes this recent trend as Nestorianizing, and presents to scholars and laymen alike in East and West the Orthodox teaching on this complex issue.
  • Was Jesus Christ a fallen human being, like us?
  • Was His human nature corrupt and sinful, inherently and necessarily subject to suffering and death?
  • Did He inherit a fallen humanity?
  • If His humanity was fallen how was He sinless?
  • Did He have human ignorance?
  • In what way was His human will involved in the plan of salvation?
  • What effect did the hypostatic union have on His humanity?

In Jesus: Fallen?, Hatzidakis addresses these and other controversial questions pertaining to the human nature of Christ, which are debated in many Christian denominations, and in his own Church. The theology advanced in the book is the traditional theology of the historic Church. In all the modern confusio of multiple Christs, here we have the perennial image of the incarnate God, the Theanthropos Christ. The book should appeal to every serious Christian and student of theology, history of dogma and Church History who is comfortable neither with liberalism nor fundamentalism, but who is searching for the authentically true teachings of Christianity.


Hatzidakis draws richly from the patristic inheritance of East and West in an original, refreshing, and accessible way. He refutes opinions formed by many eminent postlapsarian theologians. This pivotal study is the first to address this topic from an Eastern Orthodox perspective and in this regard it constitutes an important contribution to Christology.