I Know a Man in Christ: Elder Sophrony the Hesychast and Theologian

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There is no doubt that Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov is numbered among the great Elders and Fathers of the twentieth century. I have called him 'a hesychast and theologian' because he is truly distinguished by these two great spiritual gifts.
The ever-memorable Elder Sophrony was an exact teacher of the hesychastic and deifying way of life, by reason of his experience of God's grace. He proved to be a true teacher and theologian of the self-emptying life of Christ, the path of keeping His commandments, the mystery of the ways of salvation, spiritual mourning, the Light of God and many other great teachings of the Orthodox Church.
I knew this apostolic Father in person for seventeen years, and I delighted, and still delight, in the streams of his theological teaching. From him I heard apostolic words, I saw proof of the evangelical life, I sensed his God-pleasing way of life, as far as I was able to bear it, and I glorify God for this great gift, which was kept in store for me unworthy as I am. I loved him greatly and I was more greatly loved by him."