Glorified in America (The Monastery of St John the Forerunner of Mesa Potamos - 2023)

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Dimensions:  9" X 6", 366 pages

The Orthodox Church is alive and growing on the North American continent thanks in no small part to the prayers and labors of holy men who have served here, some who have been formally glorified as saints and others who may yet be.This book is much more than a simple historical account or retelling of their lives and particular service in America: It is a spiritual manual, which strives to inspire and encourage it’ s readers in their own struggle for the attainment of the holiness that adorns the lives of those recounted here and to emulate their deeds. Chronologically the lives described herein span the years from 1854 to 2019 and focus on the time each man spent laboring in North America: primarily the United States, but also Canada and Mexico. None of them spent all their life on this continent but they left a legacy on these shores that endures to this day and will surely continue. The extensive collection of both black and white photographs and pen and ink drawings that intersperse the text, together with a final section of rich color photography at the end of the work, contribute greatly to bringing the reality of their life and times to us.