Crucifixion Icon on Cross (Dark)

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Materials: lime board, levkas, egg tempera, gold leaf 23K

The cross is the fundamental symbol for Christians, seen as the instrument of the world's salvation by the crucified Christ. 

When Orthodox think of the crucified Christ, they think not only of his suffering and desolation; they think of him as Christ the Victor, Christ the King, reigning in triumph from the Tree. As heard in the first exorcism before Baptism: On the Tree he triumphed over the powers which opposed him, when the sun was darkened and the earth was shaken, when the graves were opened and the bodies of the saints arose. By death he destroyed death, and brought to naught him who had the power of death. The Church teaches that Christ is the victorious king, not in spite of the Crucifixion, but because of it: I call him king, because I see him crucified. (John Chrysostom)

8x10 flat board.